Hair Colour Correction:


So the hair colour looked gorgeous on the box, but on you it's an entirely different story.


Too vibrant, too dark, unflattering or perhaps it just isn't the right colour you were expecting!


Help is on hand with plenty of years' expereince in Hair Colour Correction.


One of the most common reasons for colour correction is home hair dying sessions that have gone wrong, due to the dye being left on for too long or not long enough.


Sometimes people simply change their mind after they've coloured their hair, and other times colour changes/fades over time.


Just by adding a few warmer shade of low-lites if your hair colour has turned out too ligtht, or if your hair colour has turned out too dark just by adding a few

high-lites to lighten your hair colour can make all the difference.


After a free consultation, to discuss the colour you want to acheive and advice on the best course of action will be identified to recreate a gorgeous overall hair colour.


As every Hair Colour Correction is different, pricing will be advised at the free consultation.